Stefano Peruzzi

Direttore del Castello di Radda


Castello di Radda

Castello di Radda is the story of one meeting, one moment. It is the solidarity of
two wineries that, together, exalt the intrinsic quality of a territory, honoring its
most precious fruit. On one side are the hills of Chianti Classico, with Radda in Chianti at the heart of a millennia of vinicultural history; on the other is the expertise of the group Agricole Gussalli Beretta, the agricultural branch of the Beretta brand, noted the world over for its precise mechanics and avant-garde technology.
Castello di Radda respects the land through the most noble of expressions: grapes transformed into wine. Tradition and innovation; esteem for the land and the people who cultivate it; protecting native grapes and safeguarding traditional
winemaking methods; attentive choices, consistency in production and quality:
these are the key words at the base of Castello di Radda’s wines, a story that we
cultivate with passion.

  • Vendita diretta di prodotti aziendali
    dalle 10.00 alle 18.30 lunedì / venerdì. Da aprile a ottobre anche il sabato
  • Azienda Biologica Certificata in etichetta
    In conversione
  • Ettari totali di terreno
  • Ettari a vigneto
    36 (di cui 36 iscritti a Chianti Classico)
  • Produzione enologica