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Direttore del Borgo Salcetino


Borgo Salcetino

The Borgo Salcetino Farm Was Founded In 1996 When Valneo And Tonino Livon, Wine-Makers From Friuli, Decided To Expand Their Wine-Making Know-How In The Territory Dedicated To Chianti Classico And Precisely In Radda In The Chianti Region.

The Property Measures A Total Of 30 Hectares, Of Which 15 Are Cultivated With Grapes And Upon Which A Gradual But Complete Renewal Has Been Performed, Both As Regards The Density Of The Plants, Which Currently Number Some 7000 Per Hectare, And The Quality Of The Grapevines Present, Integrating Experimental Plantings Of Merlot Together With The Indigenous Sangiovese And Canaiolo Grapes.

An Intense Work Of Restoration Has Been Dedicated To The Wine Cellar Which Has Maintained All Its Territorial Characteristics. A Splendid Subterranean Wine Cellar Hosts The Oak Casks Where The Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva And Rossola Experience Their Perfect Maturation.

The Livon Family Has Found In This Land An Extraordinary Welcome, By Simple People With Values Of Great Sentiment, With Whom It Often Shares Near The Century-Old Hearth Joyful Dinners And Unforgettable Holidays.

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