Claudia Guercini

Direttore di Terrabianca



My story is the tale of a young man, in love with nature, the cultures and
languages. Born in Zurich to a family of traders in high-quality clothing,
at the age of twenty I went to London to understand the secrets of the best
fabrics, wool and cashmere. A year later I was in Paris. From there, I went
to the University of Perugia, followed by Rome, Turin and finally to Spain,
where I met my future wife Maja.
After my return to Zurich, I continued my father’s activity in one of the city’s
most exclusive boutiques.

At the age of 40, our dream was to express something which represented
my idea of beauty and finesse. We travelled the length and breadth of
Tuscany until we discovered a magnificent estate for sale to the south of
Radda in Chianti. I sold the business in Zurich and threw me completely
into this new enterprise.

I aim to create particularly elegantly structured
wines with contemporary hints, based on the characteristics and
history of the surrounding terroir.
With the harvests of 1988 and 89 the first wines from Fattoria Terrabianca
were born. They have since spiraled in complexity and beauty from the
Chianti Classico Croce to the Campaccio.

Roberto Guldener

  • Vendita diretta di prodotti aziendali
    Tutto l’anno. Dalle 9 alle 18.
  • Ettari totali di terreno
  • Ettari a vigneto
    52 (di cui 12 iscritti a Chianti Classico)
  • Produzione enologica
  • Ettari a oliveto